Is Chiropractic Dangerous?

October 19, 2016

Today's post is as a response to the unforunate death of famous celebrity in the news due to possibly a chiropractic manipulation.  I wanted to provide some peace of mind for those wanting to seek chiropractic treatments.  Please consult or call the office if you have any questions!



Is Chiropractic dangerous?


Chiropractic is vastly safer than any drug or medical procedure. Chiropractic malpractice premiums are miniscule compared to those paid by M.D.’s (About $3000/yr vs up to $50,000/yr). When a chiropractor makes a mistake, usually nothing happens (as opposed to a good result), or one might end up a little sore. Statistically, there is over a 100 times greater chance that you will be struck by lightning in your lifetime than the chances of a serious complication from a chiropractic adjustment. Compare this to these frightening statistics for conventional medical treatment. It was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that an estimated over 100,000 people die each year in this country from prescription drugs taken in a controlled medical environment, the hospital. About 2 million hospital patients a year (between 5 to 10% of the hospital population) acquire a nosocomial infection (acquired from the hospital), from which there are between 100,000 and 300,000 deaths. It has been estimated that there are between 3 million and 6.25 million unnecessary surgeries annually, resulting in between 40,000 and 83,000 unnecessary deaths. Prescription errors are also skyrocketing.


I do not like my neck popped – What can you do for me?


We can utilize drop tables and adjusting instruments that are gentle and effective – no popping necessary!

When will I feel better?


Everyone is different. We wish we could somehow predict how fast your body will heal, but there are several factors involved. Our focus is to approach the problem from several angles. The central approach is to remove any blockages to your body’s nerve supply caused by spinal shifts called subluxations. All cellular repairs are controlled and coordinated by your central nerve system. Therefore, our goal is to maximize expression of life and healing through the adjustment. How quickly this translates into you feeling better is different in each person based on things like degenerative changes, your exercise habits, stress levels, diet, and the number of medications you take, just to name a few variables. Your doctor will advise you on changes to make in these areas to facilitate your recovery.

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